North West 200 – Practice Tuesday

My very first blog post. Last week was an interesting week. I’ve never been up to the North West before so I didn’t know what to expect. I received an invite from a local photographer David Maginnes, to travel up with him for Tuesday Practice. David hoped I could help out a bit and I was hoping to get an insight into what is involved in being a photo journalist. After a days shooting, and perhaps helping a bit with uploading photos, holding umbrellas to keep the rain off, holding umbrellas to keep the sun off I can testify it’s not easy and very high pressure. We were at Ballysally, the “Magic Roundabout” which is a great place to get pictures. Most of the hype was about Josh Brookes, Aussie, and BSB star coming to have his first go at Roadracing. He even had special leathers with his compulsory orange bib as part of them, no doubt at great cost. Most of the day was dry and by mid afternoon the roads were fully dry. David and I popped round to Morrellis for coffee and buns before heading back. I think he needed the rest more than me…………patience of a saint and top bloke!!

At the Tandragee Road races Lilla from had asked if she could use one of my pictures of Michael Dunlop for her magazine/news web site – of course I was flattered. I got it printed in the hope of catching Michael but it didn’t arrive in time, and I didn’t go into the pits. 

All in all a grand day out, I got some good pics, well i’m improving anyway. Not sure whether photo journalism is for me!!!!


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