North West 200 – Race Day

ImageThe forecast for Saturday was terrible. Friday had been dry, a great north coast day even, but no racing. Leigh (Mrs) had already said I was mad and there would be no racing. With the roads closing at 10 I lest before 7, sandwiches, wet weather gear packed. I thought I would go up to the Portstewart end of the course with the hope of getting some access to the coast road section. I have a client lives in Portstewart, so I parked at her house and hiked into town. It’s not until you walk some distance carrying all that gear that you realise how unfit you are!!!

The coast road looked like a no go, so I trudged back up the hill and found a spot not far from the Strand road roundabout. I Stood chatting to a man for an hour or so before realising he lived a couple of miles away. At 11 the racing started on time with the Supersport 600 race, which was very surprising as the rain hadn’t relented and the roads looked treacherous. 2 laps in it was red flagged due to 4 “offs”. Thankfully no one was hurt.

They kept putting a restart back and back and I decided that i’d had enough. I listened in on the radio on the way home and it was finally cancelled just as I got back. I learned a few things.

  • However good your wet weather gear, is it can’t cope with a months rainfall in one day.
  • Walking 6.5 miles carrying all that stuff wears you out.

Leigh and I went out to a quiz in the evening, (came third but won prizes in the ballot) danced a bit (not pretty) and drank too much Guinness. All in all an experience. Lilla has used another picture for so happy with that. Thanks Lilla if your reading this.



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